anda minat THE CORRS ?


Have yoou heard about this band ? Noooo ?? You mmg ketinggalan zaman..i love all their songs . Im could’nt remember when i heard about them…. it was long time ago . :)


I have their album titled BORROWED HEAVEN. Menjerit2 kat ayah nak lagu ni taw * gedikk .hehe  This album was recorded in 2004. Lama sangat kan ?? hehe. I found this when i was arranged my books in my room . Thought ayah da buang masa pindah dulu. hahaha. Mahal kot beli :( 

My favourite songs in BORROWED HEAVEN :)

  • Angel
  • Long Night
  • Goodbye
  • Even if

There are 12  songs included a song-like-lullaby-to-me , Silver Strand :P

Tu je sbenarnye nak cter. eksaited jap jumpe balik .muahahaha.jangan marahhhh :D

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