wello, wello. I'm back uolls ;p 

Hello 2013 even though it is already Feb. But who cares. :p Lama tak update blog. Kann.. bc I have nothing to share. you know. my story. boring. sigh. But who cares lol. this year I think I have something to share.  Just wait till next update :p 

ok, for this year, I've decided to MERAH kan my blog. 
Merah tanda berani... tapi Merah ni tanda semangat baru.. Ohh Red :p 
My previous fav color was Chocoloate/ brown, but this year I choose Red . you know Red is one of Taylor's album which influenced me to love Red :p 
So just bear with me. Red is now my fav color. Haha.

Ohh yeah, since uia has upgraded their wifi especially in hostels area ( big applause ) , I am so happy. Maybe I can blog  more often ( I wish!) 

Oh second yeah. :p 

I'm a second year law student now. stress.


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