I nak membebel.


Bismillahhirahmannirrahim. Yeayyy!, I am officially a student again after 3weeks of vacation. happy? yes of course! *taktahancutilama*

I just need to refresh back what i had learnt last semester b/c the subjects for this new semester is connected with the last semester. Contracts, Torts, Islamic Legal System ( not so connected ), Transactions in Islamic and Legal Method, plus university requirements like Islamic, Knowledge and Civilizations ( UNGS 2), Tilawah and Leadership*yawn*. But i can’t managed to add UNGS yet. All sections are closed, or otherwise I have to take it for the next semester which I don’t want to do it! No way because I have UNGS 3 FOR THE NEXT SEMESTER ACCORDING TO STUDY PLAN. I.MUST.FOLLOW.STUDY.PLAN. *crying*


OK, that’s all.


p/s : New section for UNGS is opened.

but, 5PM-6.20PM.




Siti Shaera Salleh said...

hii :')
student law ekk ?
nak tanya skit boleh :'3

mlletqa said...

haiiiii :) boleh je. sile2. hehe

muhabas said...

as'salam...good luck...study with comfort please...

mlletqa said...

inshaAllah. tq.