My story not yours.


Hye my name is Atiqa. and I’m 19 years-old *14 march is my birthday,dun 4get Smile with tongue out

Today, i wanna share a little bit about me. A LITTLE BIT ONLY *see capslock taw. haha.

my full name is Nurul Atiqah as u can see above that at my blog, but i love to write Atiqa without “H”. I think it is more ‘sedap’ and lovely to me. Open-mouthed smile *suka hati I la kan.

I was born on 14 MARCH 1992 . YEAHH ! Now we in March, so can u see what I’m going to say here. Its my birthday and it just around the corner. *i told 4 the second time. please take note Smile with tongue out

I born in lovely place, very white and small town . Taiping Hosp. A historical place. Sejuk je taw. Kalah kat Canada sane .Opps Smile with tongue out *jgn mara.


I used to live in Kl, Gombak n again Gombak. No more place. Live at Gombak, school at Gombak. Luckily, my FOUNDATION CENTRE is not at Gombak. But, suddenly my Campus iium still at Gombak .So pity, there is nowhere to go. *mmg bdak gombak habis.

I have many friends around world *okay tipu. Just in Malaysia plus Canada Smile with tongue out* sengih sorang2 orang sane eh. My friends are so lovely, friendly, caring, helpful and etc. Sometimes, we had miscommunication, quarrels but at the end we still friend Smile

That’s my life before i entered CFS IIUM to pursue my study as Law students. Yes, I am law students but not a lawyer-to-be. hehe .

When I in CFS, there are so friends i met and things that happened there. But i take it as sweet moments as a teen’s life. I’m still TEEN not women yet.

Teen ? when we talk about teen, we OFTEN okay, often related teen with LOVE. I have LOVE. FAMILY ARE MY LOVE. We know everyone loves their parents. But here, i want to talk about, ehem, my ehem ehem lah Smile with tongue out .  I have him since Oct 2010  * ayat cik atiqa mmg xbole blah. hehe. We knew each other first at Myspace. Virtual world you know. And till now, we still ‘in’.  There are so many things happen between us but we still can cope with it. Thank God Smile. tumblr_lhdsg7iIxm1qddkhgo1_500


Okay enough bout him .Smile with tongue out

on 30th Dec 2010, my brother was born ! Ohh syukur . I have one more brother in my life. He’s so cute and i feel like wanna eat his cheek. tembam sangat sape suruh Smile with tongue out.




See my little brother who always crying for ‘something’ Smile with tongue out. I dun knw what happen to him if he grow up later. He might be handsome more than his brother.* i wish !

okay, to sum up * eceh ingat wat essay ke? Smile with tongue out

to end my so so story, i would like to share the last thing bout me.

I enjoy myself even sometimes i have to face some difficulties through out my day. Life is not perfect as we want.

Soo, enjoyyy your life . Live. Love . Laugh Smile Assalamualaikum .


a scoop of ice cream..or two? said...

cutenye baby! =)
btw, happy becoming birthday! hehe
same birthday ngan hasni ni..

cik atiqa said...

thanks :)
tulah,perasan jgak sme besday.hehe