If i were a rich girl

1) I will bring my parents to Makkah- doing Hajj
2) I will bring my family travel around the world.
3) I will make a grand wedding.Ermm not so grand, but it will be a lovely moment in my life forever
    maybe like this : 

4) I will donate some of my money to needy people.. We should help others right . : )
5) I will make a huge house as a present to my parents .....
6) I will go to Maldives,Switzerland,New Zealand - for my honeymoon  : p
7) I will a give sound education to my children..
8) I will bring my family doing Hajj - with my hubby & children.

That's what i wanted to do .Maybe there are a lot of things that i will do in the future.but..If i were a rich girl.
IF okay (!)


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