Kelas Da start !

My class was started yesterday.But for the first time,we just had Ta’aruf with our lecturer..Yesterday,we had English and Arabic class.We got 2 lecturers for English ( Madam Sharmila & Madam Alice ) .For Arabic,we have 2 lecturers from Sudan…Mohd Bashir and M.Abdul Halim.and the other one,we didn’t meet yet.Hopefully,not Sudanese again.HAHAHA. Seriously,I can’t understand their accent.It’s quite thick .huhu..When we were in Ust Bashir’s class,we didnt talked to much with him.But but !!he talked too much with us.He gave us tazkirah-looks-alike.Nyah-Nyah.He looks very serious but friendly too..He shared everything.We were enjoyed when he talked bout Word For Sale.. Open-mouthed smile.Then,he told us bout the important of Arabic Language.

Our second lecturer,M.Abdul Halim.He’s so funny.And Cute when he said Masya Allah and other Islamic speech ( tahmid maybe.It takes too long to me & Aisyah to google the specific word for Alhamdulillah,Masya Allah,Astagfirullah.haha ).We made the class lively with Q & A session with him.Some of us asked in Arabic & English.Too many question had been asked included How many kids do u have,His hobby,bout his marriage ( he got two wives okay !! ) The class was so happening. Thumbs up

We also had General Principles Of Law ( 1 )-(Madam Rose Haliza),and Islamic Legal History-(Madam Maryam) class.Overall,the classes run smoothly.Insha Allah this semester,i hope that everything will be fine.Not like previous semester~


P/s : ttbe nak berbahasa inggeris plak.Sorry for the grammatical error.haha.Im not good in WRITING !Just kidding

Assalamualaikum reader(s) .Bonne nuit .


Shukri Mohd Ali said...

wah I cant understand it...too complicated ;P

selamat menempuh semester baru ;)

nurul atiqah said...

which part is complicated ? ahah.
org xpndai Bi mmg cmni :(
thanks yah !