we meet again .

Last saturday,shafiq and I went to Gardens & Mid (tamak tol)haha.We spent our lovely time watched The Back Up Plan that totally bored.*shafiq said :P* .The best is,the tickets is rm42 for 2 tickets.Its sooooo expensive.huhuhu.But i love it cuz we got couple sit. heeeee ;D then we bought clothes together.Cam suami isteri plak.haha.We pusing2 around the Gardens & Mid until we dun have the reason to be there.aNDDDDDD! For the first time,we entered the toilet that cost rm5 per person.Thats crazyyyyy to me actually,but then i go inside,ITS AMAZINGGG!SUPERBB lahh :P .Rasa cm nak baring2 je.Romantic pon ade :)) .We go back around 8.30.Then Shafiq,me and his friends went to mamak for lepak2.*ayat -.-'* .He sent me to UIA PJ around 9.30 .Overall,i miss the moment with him after long time we didnt meet.

i miss him badly !
i love him so much! 
i love it when he said " I LOVE YOU MUCHY MUCH " .cute rite ?hehe :))

end .

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