saje ske2..

Random from

Do u have any pets ? :yeah..a cat & 6 daughter..or maybe son..haha

What color shirt are u wearing ? : white with dotted's not polka dot ok!

Name 3 three things that are

close to you blog

What is the last book u read? :How to cook pasta .. ;D

Are u or were u a good student? :absolutely yes ..& no :P

Do u enjoy sleeping lately? :yeah!Spm is over!.

What's the weather like rite now? :wind sepoi2 bahasa gitu ;p

Who tells d best jokes? :aiman..

What was the last thing u dreamed

about? :nothing ..maybe tomorrow yes..

Do u drive?if so,have u ever crashed?:i don't..

Do u believe in karma? :not really..but i love karma song by Alicia keys.. :P

Do u believe in luck? :sort of..

Do u like eggs scrambled or sunny

side up? :selain dr ni ade x ??

Do u collect anything?if so,what? :money..haha shopping bebs!

Are u proud of urself? :nope..humble :0

Are u reliable? :up to u lahhh..

Have u ever give ur money to bum ? :bum equipment.. haha

What's ur fav food? :i eat what i want..but nasi ayam is good 4 me :)

Have u ever had a secret admirer? :not now..

What's ur fav invention? :new heels..dress!

Is your room messy? :how do u know that..haha

What do u like better,oranges or
apples? :oranges..good 4 skin.. :P

Do u give in easily? :maybeeeeeee..

Are u good guesser? :not really..depends on my mood.

Can u read other people's
expressions? :yeah..especially when they said they wanted 2 buy
me sumething..haha
Are u a bully? :yep.wif my sista!.

Do u have a job? :im jobless rite now :(

What time did u wake up in dis
morning ? :about 10.00..b4 that 6.30.*bgunkan shafiq*hehe

What do u eat for breakfast dis
morning? :megi..pity on me .

When the last time you showered? :after cinta balqis.tekalah sendiri..

What do u plan on doing tomorrow?:part tyme job & fly 2 shah with my lovely families..

What's ur fav day of the week
& why? :sunday..nthla..

Do u have any nickname? :too many..cik tqa la..pp tembam la..opps!

Hve u ever been scuba diving? :snorkelling jea..sme x??

What's ur least fav color? :black..

Is there sume1 u have been
constantly thinking about?if yes,who?:shafiq lahh..

Would u ever go skydiving? :xkot..xminat ar..

What toothpaste do u use? :yg halal lg baik..:P

Do u enjoy challenges? :yeahhh!see my legs la..

What's the worst injury u have
had? :jari kecik 2 bengkak sb kena duduk dgn kak sdre. huhu

What's the last movie u watched? soo romantic

What do u want to know about
ur future? :how many child i have..weeee..

What does ur last text
message say? :no last2..tgh msg lagi nie..

Who was last person u spoke
over the phone to? :dye laaa..

What's ur fav subject in school? knpe susah nk paham..huhu

okay,stop until dis..continue tomorrow maybee.


Anonymous said...

wahh nama capek je ade ):
haha btw lawa doo blog tqa! sukaaaaa!

mlle tqa said...

nm dy mest ade selit2 sket :P
ohh thanks akak! :)

hans said...

tag ke nih kak?

mlle tqa said...

aahh..knpe sih??