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the most unforgetable memory in SK SERI MURNI is i n all my frens had been punished juz bcuz we didnt finish our english's works..Ohh God,i felt very bad that tyme..Imagine that,d teche ..i still remeber her name until now..CIK MASLIFAH!..*now mabye da Mrs.kott*.She push us out from d class n asked us to stand at d corridor..Heh!Everyone seems very scared wif her..Then,she said ..
"pg kt tiang tuh,gtaw kt tiang tuh yg kamu xkn buat lg,pas2 CIUM tiang tuh"
Ohh DAMN!!.Everyone were shocked!buT wE did as she wanted us to do :((..Its not over yet..Then we need 2 go one by one class n Bikin muke xmalu kt sne..Only God Know what i feel that tyme..Thats what i learnt when i wif her until i left d skool .

Standard 5-6
This sc near my house..only beberape tapak je ..
Here,im juz being nice with others.. :P
Not so many memories..Except a problems with d guys..
Im hepy with all my frens here..But i become more politely..moooree polite la..It doesnt mean that im not polite when i in seri murni..Juz not too social gituh.. :).
Something that i cant do when i was stdrd6 is i didnt come 2 take my UPSR's result..why??
i went to bintulu 4 3 weeks to take care of my cousins!!
only me..everything i did myself.. Can u imagine when 1 gurl who was 12 years young*asyik olds jea*went 2 bintulu alone 4 d 1st tyme. ..huh!

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kecik² dh jage ank orang eh..