my n my diary..=))

ary nie ak dmam...tanpa diketahui knape ak dmam..adakah gara2 si 'dye' m'bls msg ku smlm??
dye pn xsehat...mcm2 la...ak terase len mcm smlm..persoalannya???..
adakah aku msih m'yayanginya??..m'yukainya??..m'rinduinya??..ohh god!!i should kept in my
heart..but thats the facts!..i cant deny's true..

i cant talk wif him cz i know i'll love him more n more..
i juz can msg him cz i'll not hear his sweet voice..hahah..
i cant see his face cz i'm feel like stupid..
i cant let him go unless i realize that we r not meant 2 be..=))

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